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About Me

Welcome! I am a Marin & San Francisco based yoga teacher offering all styles of vinyasa flow and other mindful movement classes and workshops.  


My classes are designed to help you connect to the joy of moving your body and centering your mind. Yoga is a path of connecting your intention to action, both on and off the mat. I welcome students of all levels and abilities, and all reasons for doing yoga, whether you're here for physical fitness, or mental health, or spiritual study. I aim to use our time together to help you achieve your goals, and have fun while you're at it. 

I'm a Bay Area native, who grew up practicing yoga with my family at home since childhood. As a dedicated practitioner-turned-teacher, it gives me great joy to share these experiences with others. I am RYT-500 certified through Folk (formerly Yoga Garden) and Yoga Tree SF.  I adhere to the values of creating a welcoming place for all students, customizing classes to each student group, and ensuring our practice promotes the joy of yoga.
I currently teach vinyasa yoga and meditation to students of all levels in Marin and San Francisco and offer free online videos for your home practice. I am also available for private events and workshops either in person or online. I look forward to hearing how I can help you with your practice. Let’s flow!

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