Partner Yoga Workshop

Valentine's Day 90-minute online workshop
In partnership with Thriveability Yoga
Sunday, Feb 14, 2021 12:00-1:30pm PT

Grab your Valentine’s Day date, or other household member, and learn how to make yoga an interactive experience. This 90-minute special workshop will include partner-stretches and hands-on assists.

This experience will explore the benefits of assisted stretching, including a gentle warm-up, sequenced partner yoga poses, and longer-held positions, as you learn how to both give and receive assisted stretching and light massage. Discover how partner yoga will help you go deeper into stretches and expand your relaxation during restorative poses.

All types of partners are welcome and no prior yoga experience is necessary. Your partner should be a person with whom you feel comfortable giving and receiving hands-on touch. Two yoga mats are recommended; or you may substitute a towel/blanket/other padded surface for a yoga mat.

Registration (Per Duo): $40

Register through Thriveability Yoga


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